Brazilian Style Velvet Pink Topaz Bikini Bottom


Hand-Made Brazilian Style half shirring Gorgeous Bikini Bottom Made of Italian Pink Velvet outside and Italian Pink Nylon inside.  Colored Swarovski Stone connectors on both  bikini sides.

Perfect fit! Make your butt look sexy.

Glamour, Luxury and Bright.

Made in Ukraine.

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Ready to slip on our Velvet Pink Topaz Bikini and slay those sunny days on the beach? This Brazilian style bikini is feminine-cut, raunchy and hugs tight in all the right places–so you can show off those curves effortlessly. The side stripes feature colored Swarovski stones to get you glowing on a whole different level. The fabric is a blend of Italian velvet and Italian nylon, just what you need to look sassy, classy, sexy this summer.

  • Bossy Summer Style: Made to celebrate your curves, this irresistible swimwear is all you need to boss the beach and pool.
  • Sexy Bikini Swimwear: Unravel your beauty with the deep plunging neckline, low-waist bikini – let your skin get in charge.
  • Sparkling Swarovski Stones: It’s bright, it’s luxury, it’s gorgeous – we put some jewelry into your favorite beach-side outfit.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable straps for some comfort, style, and feel-good personalization
  • High-Quality Fabric: Hand-crafted in Ukraine with the best quality Italian fabric that feels soft and looks fresh every time.

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